Art and Design

Art at Victoria College is renowned for its quality and diversity. We are a vibrant department with teaching staff that cover a wide range of expertise. We hope these pages give you an insight into our department.

Art and Design no longer only involves drawing and painting, but encourages students to experiment with many different forms. The subject involves looking, gathering, collecting, experimenting, discussing, thinking and doing. Students are inspired by looking at the work of other artists, visiting museums and galleries and meeting artists.

During the course, pupils will use a broad range of materials, media and processes which may include: 

·      drawing (pencil, pastels, ink), painting, printing (lino, screen, mono), photography

·      ceramics, textiles (embroidery, batik and felting), modelling (wire, paper maché, card, plaster)

·      computer design (on Mac computers), 3D design

Becky Weir. Anne Henderson, Siva O'Neill, Emely Loney.

Becky Weir. Anne Henderson, Siva O'Neill, Emely Loney.


A2 Art

AS Art