All students study drama through a wide range of activities e.g. mime, improvisation, movement/dance drama.  The stimulus for those activities ranges from poetry, prose, script and music.

What are the benefits of studying drama?


-         Helps you develop an appreciation of drama as an art form and realise its place in out society.

-         Develops your ability to work as part of a team.

-         Gives you the opportunity to mix and make friends.

-         Gives you the opportunity to understand different points of view, express your own opinions, listen purposefully and develop important language skills.

-         Develops your sense of commitment and your ability to constructively appreciate and appraise your own and other students’ work.

-         Encourages planning and research.

Drama develops your sensitivity, creativity, communication skills and it is a subject you will enjoy!

Drama Club

Junior drama club –Mondays Maxwell

Senior drama club- Mondays  drama room Cranmore

Where can studying Drama take you ?

Anywhere you can imagine!.............But this year the drama department has organised the following trips and workshops for pupils in years 9-14!

  • ‘Blood Brothers’ at the Grand Opera House
  • ‘Cabaret’ at The Mac
  • Shakespeare workshop at The Mac
  • ‘Rubbish acting’ workshop in school , organised by Belfast City Council
  • ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ – National Theatre production , screened at the QFT
  • ‘Macbeth’ by Shakespeare’s Globe, screened at the QFT
  • ‘An Enemy of the People’  at the Grand Opera House
  • ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ by the RSC, streamed live to school .’

‘Aladdin’ at the Grand Opera House.

In addition, VCB pupils performed;

  • ‘Hamlet’ at The Mac
  • ‘Hairspray’ in association with RBAI  here in school 
  • And ‘Final Call’ a devised piece  of drama, here in school.