In English you will have opportunities for Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. You will build on the skills you already have, as well as developing lots of new ones.

You will be able to read a wide range of texts, including award-winning modern fiction, selections from popular pre 20th century stories, poetry and play scripts. In class, the world of media is explored through newspapers, web pages and the moving image. You can develop your reading and research skills though library classes.

Whether you are an aspiring poet, the next J.K Rowling or a budding journalist, you will have the chance to explore a range of forms and styles of writing, including personal and creative writing, functional writing and media based material. You can draft and edit your writing using the ICT facilities and engage with wider audiences through competitions and the school magazine.

Class discussion, drama based activities and debating will give you the chance to express personal and informed opinions in an articulate and structured way. You will develop your speaking and listening skills and might be selected for the school debating team.


Basma Salem: Finalist N.I Schools Debating Trophy 2013.