Why is it important to study Geography?

Geography can help us to understand our world, and hopefully to make it a better place in which to live.

Do I get to visit the places I study?

Yes, we do fieldwork in the local area and residentials to investigate fluvial environments, outdoor adventures and a trip to Iceland at KS5.

What will I learn?

-         You will learn about the earth’s natural features formed by volcanoes, earthquakes, rivers and the sea.  You will study weather and climate and their effects on us.

-         You will study where and how people live, travel and work.  We will also find out about how people live in different countries, and compare their quality of life.

-         You will study different environments around us and on a global scale.

-         You will find out about human impact on the environment, and learn how you can help protect and conserve if for your future.