Farewell to the building site

Yesterday, we finished off our work on the building site and it was a very emotional day for everyone involved in Habitat for Humanity Big Build 2016. The routine we followed for the week, working with the same volunteers and future home owners, made it even more difficult to say a final goodbye. We all had to keep reminding ourselves that we were just saying see you later instead of goodbye forever and that it wasn't the last time we would be with the friends we have met and treasured.

To remember the builders we had worked alongside, we made memories by taking pictures and selfies with many of the builders. This meant a lot to all the volunteers as they were able to keep photos with the volunteers that helped to build their house.

Just before we left, each of the builders explained their appreciation and how much our help meant to them. Also, they waved us off as we left the building site for the final time as members of Habitat for Humanity team 2016.

Posted on July 9, 2016 .