Our visit to Moinesti and Habitat street

Today we visited Moinesti where we met another Habitat team from Northern Ireland who were working on a triplex and quadruplex. We had the opportunity to go inside and see the layout and interior work, this gave us an insight as to how the houses we are working on in Bachu will end up looking. 

Then we walked down a street locally known as Habitat street, there were 7 buildings with four houses which started in 2007 and the last four were finished this year. Donated materials were used for the building of the houses which turned this dust street into a loving community. These houses now belong to 28 families and they pay a lower mortgage of 90 euro which is more affordable. Although these families have been provided with a home there is still a high need for more homes. 

Overall, meeting the other Northern Ireland team and walking through Habitat street was a very enjoyable experience for everyone.

Posted on July 7, 2016 .