Well Done Victoria College!

A Top Ten School

Statistics released by the Department of Education show that Victoria College is one of the top ten performing grammar schools at A level.

With 88% of our pupils achieving 3 or more A levels with grades A*-C the College has out performed many other schools whose intake at Year 8 is apparently more academically strong. The results are all the more commendable given that only 31% of this A level cohort, admitted to the College in 2007, had obtained an A grade in transfer.

The outstanding performance of the girls at A level is testament to the value added education which College offers.

Commitment to providing education which is tailored to the pupils’ needs, offering individual support and encouragement pays dividends. In a school which is small enough to allow every pupil to be known, each pupil achieves her full potential and is challenged to be the best she can be.

High achievers excel in the positive learning environment of the College and this year all three Oxbridge applicants have been successful in securing places in Murray Edwards and Queen’s College Cambridge and Exeter College, Oxford.

Former pupil Cindy Ku has been recognised as the Entrance Scholar of 2013 in UCD.

It is of interest also to note that in the table published by the detail, all girls’ schools stand out in terms of their high performance at A level.

BELFAST SCHOOLS in TOP 20 Grammar Schools according to A level results 2013


Posted on January 22, 2014 .