Y13 Health & Social Care

Disability NI Kurling Event

On the 23rd of October 2014, 16 Health and Social Care pupils helped out at Disability Sports NI Kurling event. We were met by Aubrey Bingham at Antrim forum who brought us into the main hall where the event was being held. We were each given a Disability NI t-shirt and we began to set up for the competition.  We were split into pairs and each given a rink to set up for and supervise. Most of the children and adults that attended the event had a disability, some more extreme than others. We were aware of this and therefore we made an effort to meet their specific needs. 

We helped them compete in a game called Kurling, in which they had to push the disk along the floor and try to get it into the target laid out on the floor. Our job roles throughout this activity consisted of scoring each team and providing assistance to any children that needed help in pushing the disk. We also supervised each rink ensuring that each team followed the rules and took turns. This was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience for us girls and very humbling for us to work with children and adults who have disabilities. 

Leah Rankin Y13

Posted on November 21, 2014 .