Cross schools art project

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Three sixth form students from Victoria and three from RBAI spent three days at the Ulster Museum in February 2014 on a cross schools art project. The first day was spent familiarising themselves with the Ulster Museum both ‘front of house’ and behind the scenes!  In the afternoon they met established Northern Irish artist, Anushiya Sundaralingam, to plan the art workshop. 

On the second morning, they met and welcomed P5 pupils from Fane Street Primary School to the museum. The students’ role was to mentor the primary school pupils and facilitate the creation of a felt wall hanging. The inspiration for the wall hanging was a major exhibition of William Scott (1913-1989) at the Ulster Museum which marked the achievements of this internationally acclaimed modern painter. The last day involved getting rather wet as the felting process came to a soapy end. The wonderful wall hanging with its William Scott pears, lemons, pots and pans will be on permanent display in Fane Street Primary School shortly. 

In the afternoons, the sixth formers embraced the opportunity to work shadow Facilitators in the museum’s three interactive discovery centres; history, nature and art. This gave them an insight into how children (and big kids too!) have fun learning through play and the importance of being on hand to help and answer questions from visitors.

The next art workshop takes places at the beginning of March with pupils from Donegall Road Primary School and another three students from Victoria and RBAI. The inspiration for the wall hanging will come from a new art exhibition called Curious Beasts.

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Posted on March 5, 2014 .