The Great Victoria Bake Off

On Tuesday afternoon the Year 13 Baking Club took part in the very first Great Victoria Bake Off.  This club is a part of the Enrichment programme offered to Year 13 students interested in improving their baking skills and eating the results!  The Bake Off is the final event in the calendar in which the students demonstrate their skills and enjoy a bit of healthy competition.  The first event was the technical challenge, which naturally was to bake a Victoria Sponge, in under an hour.  They were judged on flavour, technique and presentation.  The ‘Victorious’ group have achieved maximum points for a light, fluffy sponge with a perfect jam to cake ratio.  The final stage of the competition will take place after Easter when we will name our ‘Star Baker’ and the champions will be crowned.   


Posted on April 8, 2014 .