Moving Image Arts attend a digital skills event

Victoria College Moving Image Arts students attended a digital skills event at Titanic Exhibition Centre in Titanic quarter. 

Icons is a global event where the icons of today came together to inspire the icons of tomorrow. It combined all elements of the creative industries (tech, music and screen). 

The event consisted of a conference, careers carnival, experiential music festival, 3D engagement, bringing people together to share skills, network and inspire. 

Speakers included…

Nicola Roberts Songwriter,

Jay Onda Director of Innovation Yamaha,

Bill Daly Hollywood Producer,

Emma Horan Singer / Songwriter

Ciara Judge Entrepreneur & CEO PurchaseMate,

Phil Taggart DJ Radio 1,

Wilson Kriegel CBO PicsArt

Nicholas Thorne Co-founder Blocksign

Posted on September 30, 2015 .