VCB XI progress to the Semi Finals of the Ulster Shield

Match report by Bronagh McCann

The 1stX1 team played against Carrick Grammar school at our home venue, Queens pitches, with Amy Edwards and Caitlin Harvey returning after injury. Their return helped enforce the strength of both the defence and the forward line and brought back the solid structure at the back.

Within the first few minutes Odilia Goldsworthy had broken away and made a quick run up the centre of the pitch before delivering a strong pass to Emma Conlin, VCB saw its first goal of the match.

The lead was consolidated when Robyn Chambers got another goal shortly after. Beth Walker had a solid game, skilfully carrying the ball into the attacking circle. By half time, it was 3-0. By full time, 6 goals were scored by Robyn Chambers, Emma Conlin and Lizzie Lawther. Charlotte Hill and Erin Blundell were constant in the back and Caitlin Murphy successfully cleared a penalty corner against us. Considering this was the first time in four month that the whole team has played together, it was a great result. Although we missed a lot of chances throughout the match, hopefully we can work on this for our semi-final against Omagh on the 24th of February.

Posted on February 19, 2016 and filed under Sport.