2X1As progress to Semi-Final of the Mc Dowell Cup

Match Report by Jessica Little and Lauren Russell 

2XI captained by Lauren Russell and Cara Montgomery won their quarter finals on strokes following an intense game. Goalie Lauren Henderson dealt well under the pressure, saving three strokes. The game was fast in pace from the beginning. The first goal came in the first half from Ara McCarten who ran the ball up the wing with ease and into the circle. The second from Sarah Webb in the second half saw Victoria up 2-0. The next 20 minutes saw much frustration for the Victoria side as BRA fought back, scoring two goals in the space of about 10 minutes. Before we new it the final whistle had blown. Extra time saw no team gain the advantage and the game was to be decided on stokes.The strokes saw the teams on edge and supporting each other massively, the team spirit was evident. Ara Mc Carten, Sarah Hanley and Phobe Hagan scored the strokes. It was a brilliant game and players and supporters enjoyed the occasion.

Congratulations VCB and bring on the semi finals!

Posted on February 3, 2016 and filed under Sport.