Pupils excel at Future Hackathon 2016

Over the half term, four girls from Year 11, Dasha Krasnodembskaya, Hollie O’Kane. Erin Anderson and Maita Kanengoni were given a chance to attend a two day conference called Future Hackathon 2016 in T13. The Future 2016 event was created by a Year 11 pupil from Methodist College who wanted to inspire teenagers to learn more about software engineering and design. 

On a very cold and early Saturday morning, the 150 attendees from 10 different NI schools ages of 11 to 18 were divided into 27 groups. The four VCB girls were placed into Group 17 with three other members where, for the next ten hours, each team was given the task of designing and making an app that would improve the life of pupils in school. Our team created Taught Up, an app that allows students to catch up on lessons and notes that they have missed without getting stressed out and confused. One of the most exciting moments that occurred during the event was the presentation. At the end of the day, each of the twenty seven groups had to present their app to the judges (some of whom came all the way from Silicon Valley)  who would then decide who was thewinner. In Victoria College’s  favour,  Group Seventeen with the four girls from year 11 were awarded first place with a prize of five hundred pounds!

To conclude, Future 2016 was an amazing event created by amazing people. This two day conference brought young people together and encouraged them to be passionate about their interests. The Future 2016 especially highlighted the importance of teamwork! The event itself would not have happened without it! Many walked out of the event with friendships that would last a life time.  It’s not always about the prize or first place because the best prize you will receive is the memories you will never forget.

Posted on March 7, 2016 and filed under Experience.