Marina Morgan achieves Black Belt status in Karate

In Oct 2017, at the age of 16, Marina Morgan (Yr12) successfully became a black belt in karate, also known as 1st Dan, with her Bushido Shotokan Karate club (Bushido meaning warrior). After 8 years of training she reached the standard to become a black belt. The grading was undertaken by Chief Instructor Noel Casey (7th Dan JKA WF) and her Sensei Steven Farrell.

Karate is a Japanese word, “Kara” meaning empty and “Te” meaning hand, as it is a weapon-less means of defense involving blocking, kicking, punching and throwing techniques.

Marina discussed her love of the sport with the school PR team.

There have been a number of times where I’ve wanted to give up the sport but I stuck at it and now, when I look back, I’m so glad that I did. The karate principles are Character, Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette and Self-control. The hard-physical training required to reach a high level of skill in karate promote overall good health, fitness and well being. The concentration, commitment and dedication required, help build a strong, confident, disciplined and determined character. 
Marina Morgan

Congratulations to Marina on her outstanding achievement.

Posted on October 23, 2017 and filed under Experience, Success.