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Summer 2018 in Germany

Anabel Mc Clements was one of the two pupils from Northern Ireland to be chosen for UK-German Connection immersion programme in Wadern in Germany because of exceptional progress in German at GCSE level.

During her two week stay at the end of August 2018 she took part in many projects, such as interviewing people about their cultural identity in the city of Saarbrucken, and teaching basic English words to children in a German primary school.

On most days she also accompanied her host, Hannah, to classes in order to truly experience a typical German school. The experience not only improved her linguistic and cultural knowledge, but also her confidence because she had to converse with a variety of people in the German language every day.

As well as this she made many lifelong friends from both the UK and Germany who all plan to meet up again soon!

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VCB hosts visit from Hangzhou Xixi Middle School, China

From the 2nd – 5th Oct Victoria hosted 25 pupils and 5 staff from XiXi Middle School. Pupils spent their time on our Junior campus and pupils engaged in classes in a range of subjects including practical Science, Art and Technology classes. The Lord Mayor also hosted a reception for the group. Our visitors particularly enjoyed sharing educational and cultural experiences with each other and over this short time have developed budding friendships.

The relationship between China and Victoria has stemmed from Ms Slevin’s visit to Zhejiang in 2013 as a member of the NI Principals delegation organised through Hanban (the Confucius Institute) in conjunction with the British Council.

This is our first partnership with this particular school but we would hope that it will develop allowing pupils from both schools to engage in joint project work and perhaps creating an opportunity for some VCB pupils to visit XiXi school in the future.

 Victoria students with friends from XiXi Middle School, China

Victoria students with friends from XiXi Middle School, China

 Ms Slevin building connections with staff from XiXi Middle school

Ms Slevin building connections with staff from XiXi Middle school

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Sancta Maria School, the Netherlands visits Victoria

On the 27th September a group of students and staff from Sancta Maria school visited the College to share educational experiences. The visitors presented Assembly and spent the day observing lessons and engaging with our school community. Hans Snoeks, teacher and trip leader summed up their experience:

“Thank you very much for your hospitality. We were astonished by Victoria College. We are so near one another in Europe and yet there is a vast difference between our educational systems. We felt a warm welcome at Victoria. Your ambassadors are really excellent. Our students found this day the most special day of our trip, because of the encouter with your students. This goal of our visit has thus been succesfull. We think that our students will look differently now on items like Brexit for example, now that they have met fellow students from Northern Ireland. The trip has made a big impression on our students. Many were astonished to discover, that Northern Ireland is a region where history plays an important role in people's lives so they remarked. The hospitality and friendliness of the people also made a great impression.”

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Employability Skills

The Year 8 pupils enjoyed a Young Enterprise day which involved using decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills to complete various tasks and make presentations to the year group. This fabulous event was followed by an LLW seminar on target-setting and self-evaluation. All pupils will next be given the opportunity to commence their e-progress files which will include individual targets set by the children.

YEyear 8 2018.jpg
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Professor Senia Paseta visits Victoria College

Professor Senia Paseta, Tutorial Fellow in History at St Hugh’s College and co-Director of Women in the Humanities delivered a talk to Victoria College pupils on Women’s Suffrage.

Professor Senia Paseta is pictured below meeting VCB pupils including Head Girl Sarah Hand following her talk on Women’s Suffrage.

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The 102nd Old Girls’ Spring Reunion

Belvoir Park Golf Club was the setting for the VCBOGA 2018 Spring Reunion.

On Friday 27th April 110 Ladies enjoyed the beautiful location, an excellent meal and great conversation. Ms Slevin attended and the Arellians were represented by their current President Carolyn McGrath and former President Jenny Watson.

Chair, Carolyn Lewis welcomed Old Girls from 30th, 40th and 50th Anniversary years, some of whom  had travelled long distances to attend.

Everyone agreed that it was a very successful event.

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Y13 pupils attend NI Regional Forum of the European Youth Parliament

A group of year 13 girls represented the Committee of Constitutional Affairs and debated their resolutions at the Northern Ireland Regional Forum of the European Youth Parliament at Belfast Metropolitan College, Titanic Quarter Campus. They enjoyed the challenge of leading discussions on the problems of growing Euroscepticism and were commended for responding respectfully and with humour to counter arguments.

European Youth Parliament  22.3.18.JPG
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VCB pupils interview Professor Mary Beard at the BBC

On Tuesday 6th March, Emilia Chittick, Sophie Lyster and I had the amazing opportunity to meet and interview Professor Mary Beard at the BBC. We interviewed her two days prior to International Women’s Day, so we seized the opportunity to ask her some questions about her inspirations from ancient history that influenced her feminist views. We were amazed and inspired by all her experiences and stories of her time working on civilisations and encountering quirky ancient artefacts.  We asked her some fun questions too, such as; if she could have dinner with anyone from history, who would she choose? To which, she had a few very interesting people lined up!

As a Moving Image Art student, this experience was fascinating and interesting as I got to witness first hand what goes on behind the scenes of the BBC and it has inspired me further to pursue a career in the film industry.

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