I am confident

Victoria College
develops pupils who
are rigorous, rounded
and grounded.

Girls today are potentially the leaders of tomorrow and Victoria College provides a wonderful environment in which they learn how to assume responsibility, take risks, relish challenge, and inspire and lead others. Our pupils develop the resilience, confidence and independence to equip them for adult life. 

Victoria College is the only Northern Ireland school to be a member of the prestigious Girls’ Schools Association and pupils avail of a wealth of opportunities, whether in the arts, humanities, sport, science, expeditions, volunteering, career preparation or other extra-curricular activities.

In Victoria College each girl can be a leader, excelling as much in Physics and Technology as in Drama and Art. An education geared specifically to her needs and developmental stage allows her intellectual and physical confidence to blossom as she enjoys the freedom to be herself and to fully explore all the educational and cultural opportunities available to her. 

We open each pupil’s eyes to possibilities and help her to take the practical and imaginative steps necessary to achieve her ambitions. Whatever she wants to be – software engineer, musician, doctor, lawyer, accountant, nurse or fashion designer – it is our aim to support and guide her.