I am discovering

Girl in science class
I discover new things
that interest me every
day at school and enjoy
talking about what I've
learned when I go home.
Sarah, Year 11

Victoria College is a progressive school for girls where ICT and the College’s Virtual Learning Environment underpin and support independent learning. The College’s ICT Strategy Group continues to ensure that emerging technologies are used effectively to support learning and teaching and to allow pupils to develop IT skills including programming.

Pupils are encouraged to develop a real sense of curiosity and inquiry and have access to a wide range of courses and work related experiences in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.

The College recognises the importance of the STEAM agenda and is determined to ensure that pupils have the best opportunities to be prepared for the world of work. There is high uptake and high achievement across all STEAM subjects and each year many pupils access university courses in related fields.

Over the past 5 years two pupils have been awarded the Hans Sloane Award for the best combined performance in A level Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Northern Ireland and pupils have been recognised as top candidates in a range of subjects, most recently in GCSE Biology, History, Religious Studies and Chemistry and at A level in German, Art and Design and Religious Studies.

Arts and Humanities courses provide pupils with every opportunity to develop high level skills of analysis and interpretation and through the Young Enterprise programme entrepreneurial spirit is fostered and creativity encouraged.

Pupils flourish as individuals thanks to the quality of the teaching and the unique learning environment offered at Victoria College.