School Enhancement Programme

The Big Build

Project Overview

In January 2016, Victoria College Belfast received approval from the Minister of Education to proceed with a ground breaking new construction scheme on our Cranmore Park Campus. Work on the scheme is now well underway and when complete in August 2017, the Big Build will provide the College with outstanding new facilities and resources for Physical Education, Science and Art and Design.

Funding from the Department of Education will only go so far and to ensure that the Big Build is fitted out and equipped to the quality and standard our pupils deserve, we are seeking to raise an additional £100,000 from the wider school community. 

This additional funding will be used by the College for a variety of purposes associated with the Big Build, including the provision of:

  • a range of new information and communications technology in the Art and Design Suite that will help prepare all our pupils for a future in which technology is all pervasive;

  • a state-of-the-art sound and vision system in the new sports hall that will allow it to be utilised for whole school events such as Prize Day, Open Day and the Spring Concert;

  • a variety of indoor and outdoor sports equipment that will facilitate the provision of a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities and experiences; and

  • a full range of exercise machines, fitness and gym equipment in the new fitness suite that can be accessed and used by pupils of all ages and abilities.

The College has established a dedicated fundraising team and over the course of the next six months it will be organising a series of events to help raise the additional £100k needed for the Big Build. Details of these events will be released in due course, but two of the best ways for you to get involved right away and demonstrate your support for the College are through the Big Build Giving Wall and through Corporate Sponsorship.

The Big Build Giving Wall 

By making a donation of at least £100, you can secure a privileged place on the Big Build Giving Wall. The Big Build Giving Wall will be located prominently within the new sports hall and for each £100 donated you can add a name to this commemorative wall. Donations can also be made anonymously without publication on the wall and donations of less than £100 are also welcome. Simply click on the button above.

Corporate Sponsorship

There are variety of unique sponsorship opportunities on offer that will allow you to deepen your relationship with the College and become part of its history. Details of these opportunities may be obtained by emailing the Head of Corporate Services at

School Enhancement Programme

You can download a PDF of our information booklet or you can view it below.