Year 8 Camógs Dec 2013

Camogie Team Dec 2013

Bragging rights were at stake again this week as the Year 8 camógs of Victoria College Belfast travelled to the Ravenhill road to take on their counterparts from Aquinas in the latest clásico.

Before the throw-in, the Lisburn road girls posed for a photograph as they were presented with their brand new kit by their magnanimous sponsor, Noel Savage of Noel Savage Construction. The Victoria College girls were quick to lay down the challenge. The VCB midfield dominated possession in the centre of the park, getting copious ball to the inside line of Hannah Monteverde, Marcia Hannan and Susie Loane who lay in wait for the quick ball to release them. Hannan and Loane bagged two goals apiece and Bree Moffett charged forward from midfield to add to her season’s impressive tally.

VCB exerted remorseless pressure and the opposition were often limited to resisting. Every time VCB sprang, the pitch opened up before them and the sense of danger was palpable. Georgie McGrath, Megan Delargy and Lucy Greaves battled like terriers in the tackle. As Aquinas’ difficulties multiplied, so did the number of times they gave the ball away and they were rarely afforded the space to deliver a telling pass. When they did break forward,  the VCB defenders were equal on all occasions. Ciara McParland was resilient in the centre half-back position and Izzy Simpson and Tierna Murphy were as dependable as ever.

The bravery and commitment of the VCB girls was personified by one of the finest camógs around, a girl who defines her team – captain Keeva McAllister. Keeva put in a scintillating individual performance, exemplified by a stunning goal scored directly from a 45 metre free which left the keeper with no chance, such was the perfection of her lift before the devastating connection. Always the first outlet, invariably the source of greatest danger, Keeva managed to score four goals of the highest quality. The Aquinas defence, who endured a torrid time at her hands, was left bamboozled by her trickery. 

Posted on December 12, 2013 .