Coaches vs. Pupils in end of season showdown . . .

Mr Gray and the captain of the 1st X1 – Georgia Dick challenged each other for a match – it would not be too difficult to guess who won!!. If you know Mr Gray at all you will be aware of his competitive streak!!!  Mr Gray got to organising his team of coaches consisting of teaching staff who coach – Mrs Loane, Miss Stewart, Miss Du Toit, Mrs Mc Murray  and then of course the talent of our external coaches – Paddy Grimes, Matthew Bell, Katherine Welshman, Paul and then the competitive and aggressive Mc Millen twins – Ruth and Rachel. The leavers really did not have a chance from the beginning – sorry girls!!

We will leave you to guess the score – but there is no way that any pupil was going to get a goal past Miss Du Toit and Mr Gray and the Mc Millen girls were going for hat tricks. Paddy Grimes scored with a cracking strike from the top of the circle, on the last second to seal a very strong defeat for the poor leavers.

Posted on May 15, 2015 .