Technology and Design


Technology and Design provides opportunities to design and make products, solve design problems, enhance your freehand and computer graphics and develop your understanding of how things work.

There are three main projects each year in the Junior School, alongside smaller focused design based tasks.

We live in an increasingly technological age, therefore we aim to begin to instil the knowledge and skills needed to flourish within it. We provide many practical activities that help pupils who learn better through doing things.

Technology and Design develops pupils as individuals by:

  • promoting creativity and problem solving skills in response to design challenges in the individual’s life
  • helping individuals appreciate their own and other’s achievements through research, investigation and evaluation of products
  • promoting safe working practice.

Technology and Design develops pupils as contributors to society by:

  • investigating the design and manufacture of products which aid particular groups within our society
  • evaluating cultural trends to identify needs and opportunities
  • exploring how technology contributes to communication within society
  • investigating the various impacts which changes in technology have on ethical issues in our lives.