Our News Feeds - by email or Twitter

If it's happening at Victoria College, it's happening on Twitter (and by email!)

Whenever something is happening at Victoria College, we'll add an article to one of our news pages. Latest News is the page for most non-sports related news. The Sports News page is where you'll find team results and related stories. Whenever we add a story to these news pages we'll also Tweet a link to it and we'll send out an email using our website mailing lists. That way, you'll instantly know about it and you can choose whether to click on the link to read more. With the Twitter app on your phone, you can follow Victoria College wherever you are.

What is Twitter anyway?

Twitter is a free service that provides an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you care about. Companies, organisations (such as us!) and individuals register to send out information about themselves. Tweets are short messages of 140-characters or less. Sending out these tweets is called tweeting.

You choose which users you want to hear from. Each user has a name starting with the '@' sign. We currently have three Twitter feeds:

@VCBtweets: We tweet the majority of our news from @VCBtweets.

@VCBsports: We tweet our sports news from @VCBsports.

@VCBlibrary: Our library tweets library and book information from @VCBlibrary.

How is it useful?

Twitter contains information you will find valuable. Messages from users you choose to follow will show up on your home page for you to read. It’s like being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting – you can discover news as it’s happening, learn more about topics that are important to you, and get the inside scoop from Victoria College in real time.

One of the best things about Twitter is that it’s portable. Connect your account to your mobile phone or download a Twitter app to begin reading our Tweets on the go. Now you can get updates about train delays on your way to work/school or catch up on the buzz at Victoria College. 

Tip: If you don't have a smartphone you can use Twitter via SMS to pick and choose which updates you want from those you follow, so you can get mobile updates from the accounts that matter most to your life on-the-go. Best of all, it's free.

How do I join Twitter?


Joining Twitter is easy and free - all you need is an email address.

Visit Twitter.com and you'll see a box entitled New to Twitter? Sign up.

Give your name and your email address, think of a new password and click Sign up for Twitter. That's it! You can download the app for your iPhoneAndroid or other phone here.

How to follow Victoria College


If you are signing up online, you will be prompted to follow people as part of the sign-up process. Search for VCBtweets and then click Follow.

To follow us using the app, use the search feature (usually a magnifying glass image) to search for VCBtweets. When you find Victoria College, select it and then choose Follow.

What about updates by email?

If you prefer not to use Twitter you can choose to receive emails instead. These are sent directly from our website so you don't need a Twitter account or a special App on your phone. You can subscribe to sports or non-sports news on the Mailing List Signup page.