How to use our website



Today, it is with great pleasure that we announce our new presence on the web. We’ve redesigned our website to give you faster access to the information that you need – all in an elegant interface that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

25th January 2014

Why Did We Do This?


Web technologies have evolved dramatically in the past few years and our old site simply couldn’t keep up. We’ve taken the bold step to reengineer our site from the ground up. This allows us to present graphically rich pages that scale to any screen size, from mobile devices to desktops. Let us know what you think; we’d love to hear your feedback.

For the best web experience, you should be using a modern supported web browser - our website won't like that 12-year old version of Internet Explorer that it shipped with! If you're using an Apple Mac you'll no doubt have an up-to-date version of Safari. If you're using a version of Windows, you'll find information on the latest browsers here.

Social Interaction

Whenever we have some news to announce we’ll add an article to the Latest News page of our website and, to save you having to keep checking back, we’ll Tweet the link using our new Twitter account, @VCBtweets. If you would prefer an email instead of a tweet then you're in luck too! Sign-up for an email whenever we update our news page. 

If you already have a Twitter account then you’ll know how useful this is. If you haven’t tried Twitter yet then why not take this opportunity to find out what this free service is all about? To make it easy, we’ve provided a quick guide here.

Hints and Tips

To help you use our new website we’ve put together some information that we hope you will find useful. Some of this is deliberately basic to help first time web users but read on for more specific information.


Our website is divided up into different sections, each accessed from the menu bar along the top of the site:

If you are a parent of a Victoria College girl then you’ll find useful information on the For Parents menu.

If you’re a Victoria College girl then the things you want will be on the For Pupils menu.

Interested in Victoria College as your next school? You’ll find helpful information and downloads on the Admissions menu.

The About Us menu holds contact, official and policy information.


When you see a word highlighted in gold it is a link to another article. The link may take you to another page on our site or it may take you to another website. Click (or touch) the link once and it will take you to the linked page.


If you are looking for something specific and you aren’t sure where to find it, use our Search page. You can search our entire site using this simple search tool. Just type in a word or a phrase and we’ll present you with a list of matching articles.

Page Layout

Our website has been designed to be viewed on tablets, smartphones and desktops. Pages resize themselves automatically according to the size and shape of your screen. If you’re using a desktop and you want to view more of the page, just drag your browser window so that it is taller and narrower.