VCB Challenges. . . 

To help welcome you to Victoria College's Website we want to invite you to participate in three exciting challenges. 

  • Numeracy Challenge

  • Reading Challenge

  • Virtual Tour Challenge

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Numeracy Challenge

On a bi-weekly basis there will be an opportunity to test your numeracy skills with a range of challenges throughout the year. Have a  go at the challenge below and submit your answers. The first five correct answers will receive a prize. The answers to each challenge will be revealed at the end of the two-week period.


First Correct Answer

Veena Sivakumar (11WIL)

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Final Pupil Rankings - Numeracy Challenges

Reading Challenge . . . 

In Victoria College we encourage all our students to read widely and invite the incoming Year 8 to take part in the Reading Challenge. We would like you to read at least three books during the long summer holiday. You can read any books you like - but if you can’t decide there are some suggestions below.

Recommended authors & titles . . .

Browse the titles below to discover just a few of the many fantastic books to be found in the Junior School Library.  However, don’t feel you have to limit yourself to this selection.  Why not visit your local library for inspiration?  Or, browse Amazon or iBooks and download a few books on to your kindle, iPad or e-reader.

Below the book titles you will find instructions for entry to the competitions.

Finished your first book . . .    Interested in winning some fantastic prizes . . . 

Fill out your book review now!

When a book has been read, please complete the interactive form below. This form has been provided to help you remember details about the characters and storyline. Remember to hit submit when you have completed your review! Your completed review then will be sent to Victoria College.

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There will be a number of follow-up activities on the Reading Challenge during your first weeks at Victoria College. We will display the best reviews around the school and of course, there will be prizes for these! 

Virtual Tour Challenge - Can you crack the VCB code?

Earlier this year Victoria College Belfast was very proud to announce the launch of an exciting and immersive Virtual Experience. The new feature aimed to provide an online experience to prospective students, parents and indeed past pupils who are interested in VCB but unable to visit.

To celebrate the launch, the College ran a competition tasking pupils with locating 10 hidden objects within the tour. The winners would be the pupils who located the objects in the quickest time. Each winner would receive a specially designed VCB Pen Drive.

The competition was a tremendous success with over 400 pupils from Years 8 to 10 taking part. For your chance to win a VCB Pen Drive complete the task below before submitting your answers using the interactive form.

How to play?

Using VCB's Virtual tour locate the 10 objects below that have been hidden somewhere within Junior School. To help you complete the challenge a special VCB code has been developed. For example;

This room has books for everyone, With stories packed full of fun - What location within the college does the code refer to?

Did you guess the library? Use the Virtual tour to find the Dr Suess Poster!  Found it?

1 down, 9 to go!!! Good luck!

Submitting your entry . . .

When you have completed the tour and located the objects, please complete the interactive form below. This form has been provided to help you crack the VCB code by providing possible locations for the hidden objects. Remember to hit submit when you have completed the form! Your completed form then will be sent to Victoria College.

Name *
This room has books for everyone, with stories packed full of fun?
In this classroom globes are twirled, Where we learn about countries of the world?
This hallway is easy to tell apart, There’s a whole board about the Heart?
Things of beauty and colour charts, All of these are works of art?
After a mornings roll call, We bustle our way to this hall?
Here we learn about peoples fame, Plus you can already see this one’s name.
In this room English is banished, Here we speak French, German, Italian and Spanish?
This old time language might be dead, But ‘Salve Discipulae’ will stick in your head?
Tap your feet to the beat, Listen to the voices singing sweet?
We all go here after school, This new place is very cool?